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Diana Matthews

  • Experience:

    15 Years Social Care

  • Email:


  • Phone:

    0161 277 7648

Diana is an integral part to the organisation having worked in a statutory body for well over a decade. Having strong professional ethos and great insight into supporting individuals living with the day to day challenges of Sickle Cell. She has transferred her administrative, structural skills in volunteering her support and services to SCCM, which had had tangible benefit to the service user and immensely strengthened the networking structure of the charity.

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Our aim is to ensure that people of all ethnicities who are living with this condition are informed about the condition and are aware of the support and services available to them. We wish to highlight some practical measures to help and support people living with the SCD; also to work alongside other charitable bodies and organisations to help improve the lives of people living with the condition as much as possible. Want to be part of this?

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