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Pink Smith-Manning

Staff Member

"I became involved with the charity I believe it is important to me to make others aware of the Sickle Cell condition.

Sickle Cell Care Manchester needs and deserves assistance as Sickle Cell affects our community everyday. The condition affects the quality of life in so many people and I trust that with our help we can improve their lives and help with the overall outcome.

My life is impacted by Sickle Cell and so are many others and pouring into Sickle Cell Care Manchester will absolutely help all of us."

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Our aim is to ensure that people of all ethnicities who are living with this condition are informed about the condition and are aware of the support and services available to them. We wish to highlight some practical measures to help and support people living with the SCD; also to work alongside other charitable bodies and organisations to help improve the lives of people living with the condition as much as possible. Want to be part of this?

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