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Your cares are our cares

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Sickle Cell Care Manchester is a non-profit organisation run by a BAME board made up of individuals whose lives have been impacted by sickle cell disease for those with the disease and their families.


Our goal is to provide care and support to all those affected by sickle cell disease until a cure is discovered, so they can all live their lives to the fullest.

“Sickle Cell Care Manchester will work to support those who have been diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), their families, and carers in an effort to empower afflicted people and improve their quality of life. Additionally, Sickle Cell Care Manchester will aim to raise awareness of SCD in the wider population as well as among the groups most at risk for the disorder, to increase understanding of the condition, promote acceptance of those who have it, and increase the knowledge and understanding of SCD.”


Our aim is to make sure that people of all ethnicities who are suffering with this disease are informed about the condition as well as the resources and assistance that are available to them.

We want to draw attention to some practical measures that may be taken to assist and support those who have SCD, as well as collaborating with other non-profit groups and bodies to support as many individuals as we can.

The majority of members are people with sickle cell disease, families, people with a personal or professional interest, and those who work in social services or healthcare. We offer assistance to Sickle Cell Disease sufferers in general, not just members.

We are a membership-based organisation in Manchester with a network throughout the area; we collaborate with the NHS and other organisations in the UK to achieve a common objective.

To be able to conduct our work, we rely on fundraising, public support, and our network of volunteers.

Learn more about how we generate and use our financial resources at our Annual General Meeting.

We need your help as we cannot win this struggle on our own.

Let’s all fight SCD together,

because together we can win!