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Anthony Mason

Anthony Mason CEO Sickle Cell Care Manchester

Co Founder of Sickle Cell Care Manchester

Anthony is a husband and a father of three children

Established a co working partnership with NHS Manchester 2016 Haematology Department

Anthony Mason lives with sickle cell disease and has both national and local knowledge of support services and campaigning. His lived experience and knowledge of the local area in Manchester has helped him to deliver innovative outreach in Manchester as well as forming a national outreach project.

Anthony has worked in an advocacy role for many clients over the years. The range of support includes advocating for clients living with sickle cell disease in the benefits system, the work place and in education and in the community, supporting clients with issues such as letters of support and personal meetings with educators, also serving in the role as an Advocate at tribunal stage after clients benefits have been revoked without good reason.

He is a Communication Consultant who also served to help shape the structure and the rollout of the very successful National Screening Programme launch for the NHS in 2006, further providing input to author the first edition of the Standards for the Clinical of Adults with Sickle Cell Disease in the UK.