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Fundraise for us

We are always grateful to those who volunteer their time and efforts to fundraise for Sickle Cell Care Manchester, if you are interested in partaking in any sponsored activity on our behalf please get in contact.

Sonia Thomas

Sonia has worked in the Social care arena with children and young people for many years and is mother of two adult children.

Now for some years she wanted to do a tandem parachute/skydive, but the problem was not falling out of a plane, but which charity to choose. (and some of my family and friends being scared and thinking sje was crazy)…dilemma.

Sonia chose Sickle Cell Care Manchester for the following reasons…

Although she doesn’t have anyone in her family that suffers from (lives with Sickle Cell) on hearing more about this condition and how the numerous symptoms affects people from our communities, helped her to decide to do the Skydive to raise funds for such a worthy cause, in order to help these individuals to access the help and support they need to live a healthy life. 

Sonia eventually completed her Skydive on 2.5.2019 and not jumping at 11,000ft as originally planned but 15,000ft raising £1630.00 in total.

Sonia has pledged to continue to support this worthy cause.

Leave a gift

Have you considered including a bequest to support the fight against sickle cell disease in your will?

Sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disease that affects over 15,000 people in the UK and can lead to anaemia and excruciating pain episodes. Many of the body’s vital organs may eventually suffer damage in those with sickle cell disease. The only “cure” for the condition at this time is a bone marrow transplant, which not all patients can get access to as a suitable donor is required.

By including a bequest in your will for Sickle Cell Care Manchester, you will support the ongoing fight against the disease and help to improve the lives of present and future sickle cell disease patients.

Sickle Cell Care Manchester can continue its community outreach efforts with your support by receiving a bequest from you. You will contribute to helping us change more lives and assist more individuals.

When making your will, please think about Sickle Cell Care Manchester and the impact your gift will have, and the legacy you will leave, when you are no longer here.